Friday, September 28, 2012

Rainbow Eva

Happy Birthday to our little Eva!

It's hard to believe that my baby is two, but it's true. 

She is delightful and full of spunk. Her dad says she is mirthful, which is true. 

She has a happy little personality and is always giggling, playing, or smiling with one of her siblings. 

She's spunky too....after all, she does have red hair, but I think that almost every two year old shows some spunk!

She can say almost anything, and her loves are:

* Any baby she can find....even if it's not a baby and she's pretending it is.

*Cuddling with her mom

*Playing with Zach

*Having her big sister take care of her.

* Getting to tag around the yard with the boys.

* Her grandparents

* Animals

* Just being silly and laughing.

* Having her dad comment on her clothes

* Shoes and accessories. 

*....and of course, her Rainbow Eva Dress.



NaDell Ransom said...

Each of those comments made me think of my three daughters. Kids are so much fun!
Olivia was our biggest dress girl (and still is). If someone told her that her dress was cute, she'd demand that they also compliment her slip, tights, shoes, and hair. =)

Dayna said...

Happy birthday, Eva!!!

Joan Ark said...

I love your posts!

A Writer's Nakama

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